With all of the facts and myths surrounding homeownership, you may be left wondering if you would be better off renting. On one hand, homeownership offers the possibility of a positive return on your investment, while on the other renting lowers your financial risk and enables quick mobility. 

Homeownership Makes Cent$

Affordability – it is cheaper to own in most of Oahu. According to Rent Jungle as of August 2018, average rent for an apartment on Oahu, HI is $1,655 (see report

Force Savings – The amount you pay for your home goes towards building your equity. On the other hand you could keep paying down your landlord’s mortgage. I’m sure they appreciate it… 

Tax Advantages – Property taxes and interest can be itemized for tax deductions. Check out this handy matrix.

Stability – With fixed rate mortgages, your payment will stay the same each month. On the other hand you are at the mercy of potential rent increase yearly! Oahu rent increase  

Improved Credit – When mortgage payments are made on time, you can achieve a better credit score. We know everyone likes to brag about their 800 credit score at the BBQ.

I’ve put together an awesome list of current listing in some of the hottest hoods, take a peak. I would love to help you in your house hunt. Feel free to call (808)439-8250 or email

Take a look at this awesome matrix to see how much you will be throwing away renting over the next few years. 

Seattle Rent vs Own